Born in Toluca, Mexico in 1980, I graduated in 2002 as Mechanical Engineer. I had the opportunity to live in England, USA, Australia and the fortune to travel to different countries where I could explore diverse cultures and landscapes. I moved permanently to Freiburg, Germany where I live with my family since 2011.

As project manager and formerly development engineer in the automotive industry I found in Bonsai and Photography an escape valve that brought balance in my personal life.

In the photography field I have taken the following courses:

  • Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. London, England – “Use of lighting and photographic printing techniques”
  • Centre for Adult Education. Melbourne, Australia – “Digital Darkroom: Photoshop for Photographers”
  • ITESM campus Querétaro, México – “Black and White Photography; Darkroom Printing Techniques”

In this blog I will be posting some entries related to these two hobbies of mine.

You can contact me directly via E-Mail to

Here you can read about my story with Bonsais.