With an Eurorail pass, a Lonely Planet travel guide, my camera and a backpack I embarked on a two-month back packing trip from September to November 2003. I flew from London to Athens and back from Bilbao, Spain to London. Whether by plane, train, bus, tram, bicycle or on foot I traveled around 11,500 km (7,150 miles) and visited 40 cities and towns in the Mediterranean countries of Greece, Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, Morocco and Portugal (this country without a Mediterranean coastline but with Mediterranean flavor).

Black and white film was the only format that I shot during this trip. Now I realize how I miss shooting in B&W film, not being able to see what I shot straight after taking the picture, carefully and thoughtfully planning the shot , having to spare my film. And storing my best images in my own head waiting to be in the darkroom for the time to develop my film smelling the chemicals, watching the negatives for the first time getting an idea of what had been shot sometimes finding a nice surprise of precious picture that I wouldn´t have thought being so good or finding one I was looking forward to see being ruined because of the wrong camera settings that it was shot with. The culminating moment was seeing the final image slowly appearing on photographic paper being washed with chemicals in the development tray under the dim red safe light.

This is the fourth of nine Travel Albums from the series “Carpetas de Viaje”.

2016_03_19_Backpacking 200300001
Travelled path – Backpacking trip 2003