This is the first of nine Travel Albums that were displayed at the photography exhibition „Carpetas de Viaje“ or „Travel Albums“.

I´ve been always attracted to all types of arts. I took classic guitar classes when I was around 13 years old, was part of the music band at primary school, I was also member of the theater group at primary school and took some painting classes at summer school. I then took classes of architecture technical drawing at secondary school but I found that I was not very gifted to any of these disciplines, thereby I ended up studying mechanical engineering instead of arquitecture.

What I really enjoyed and was somehow good at was drawing and copying the animals of the Nature Encyclopedias at home. It was much easier for me to capture the images in a piece of paper. At the age of 17 I naturally evolved the copy-drawing into photography when I started experimenting with a mechanical camera Canon AE-1 that I got as present from my dad. I guess capturing an instant of the reality and abstracting it in an image on a negative was much more easier for me than drawing with a pencil.

While I was at the university, I purchased and red my first photography books i.e. the Ansel Adams Photography Series. Then I enrolled to the photography group at my university where I learned the magical process of dark room printing.

In this first Album I show some of my first photographs in black and white which are mainly influenced by the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Eugen Smith with their street photography and photojournalism approach. These photographs were developed and printed (then scanned) by myself in the darkroom.

The latest photographs where mostly shot with digital cameras they depict areas of the Mexican landscape.

I hope you enjoy.